Job Summary: 


Job Title:              Beautician/Hair Dressers.
Job Category:       Saloon

Gender:                Female
Location :             Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Schedule              Full-time
Contract:              2yrs

Salary:                  Ugx2,500,000.00 - ugx,000,000.00

Looking for dedicated and talented All-round Beautician and Hair Dresser to GCC Countries ie; Dubai (UAE), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain

Job Key Details 

  • Carry out skin analysis and advise clients on skin and body care. 

  • Do manicures and pedicures depending on the clients’ request 

  • Meet the clients’ hair needs 

  • Apply hair products such as serum, cream and clay to style hair 

  • Advice the clients on the best hair products 

  • Perform facial or body massage and treatments including spa therapy, reflexology and aromatherapy. 

  • Arrange appointments, maintain client records and handle financial transactions. 

  • Get rid of facial or body hair through waxing or electrolysis. 

  • Propose hairstyles and nail colors to match clients’ needs and personal style 

  • Attend to clients well and make them feel comfortable 

  • Apply make-up and advice clients on make-up application techniques. 

Job Qualifications and Experience 

  • The applicant must have relevant qualifications for this role 

  • At least two and above years of demonstrated experience in the same role within the UAE 

  • Expertise in nail enhancements, acrylic and gel extensions, eyelashes extensions, facial and hairstyling 

  • Should be available in the UAE on cancelled or visit visa 

  • Should be able to advise clients on suitable products and treatments depending on hair or skin type 

  • Must be a good communicator with excellent customer service skills 

  • Good understanding of hair and skin care products 

  • Good business acumen and ability to develop and maintain positive links with customers, suppliers and product houses 


Application Procedure:
All qualified candidates are encouraged to upload their recently updated CVs