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 We are led by passionate recruitment industry experts, many of whom have successfully risen through the positions at Shakes Labour Force. Our leaders provide decades of invaluable insight and understanding to those we serve, and the human capital we have built at Shakes Labour Force is unmatched anywhere in the recruitment industry.

Mulindwa Houston
Kampala, Uganda


After graduating from Makerere University in 2011 with a degree in Business Administration, Houston founded Shakes ICT Centre and later RealEstate and Construction. In 2018 he founded Shakes Labour Force. In addition to his role as president of the company, he is a resident of Kajjansi, where he lives. 

Managing Director
Kimbowa Hatib
Kampala, Uganda

Hatib joined Shakes Labour Force as a Director in July 2018 Prior to joining Shakes Labour Force, Hatib is on the operational board of HVP Concepts where he has been employed for over 4 years (2 of which as a Director). During his tenure, Hatib managed teams of up to 100 staff across various professional markets.

His career began in Electronics where he worked as a freelancer, before a Four-year tenure at HVP ConceptS. Hatib is single a resident of Kitende where he lives.

Human Resource
Aliebo Betty
Kampala, Uganda

Betty  Joined Shakes Labour Force in 2018, and was responsible for training recruits in loan facilities.  Her career began in Banking were she attained a degree in Development Studies at Nkumba University. Betty is a single mother, a resident of Kajjansi where she lives with her Little boy Johny and a beautiful sister.

Alaba Christine 
Kampala, Uganda


Christine co-founded Shakes Labour Force in 2018, and was responsible for printeries in schools from 2013. Her career began in IT Engineering were she attained a diploma in IT Engineering. Christine is married a resident of Kitende where she lives with her husband and a son.

Operations Manager
Lwantale Josephine
Kampala, Uganda

Josephine has overall board responsibility for Shakes ICT Centre. She co-founded Shakes Labour Force with 3 years experience in managing and leading Shakes ICT Centre that offers IT related services to both public and private sectors delivering a wide range of compehensive IT solutions.

Josephine is passionate about talent management, training, coaching and all things related to personal development  having led many board level projects to help people achieve their full potential. Josephine can often be found cycling, running or swimming – generally training for her next triathlon.

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