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We have witnessed many corporations being dramatically transformed by the presence of a single strong executive. Organizations that are exhausted, need vitality, and aspire to grow, all need a strong leader before anything.

A strong leader must have a strong will of one's own. In an extreme sense, the only thing an organization needs may be a strong will. We believe in the times where strong will attract new values like a magnet and reconstructs them.

However, the job market in Uganda does not boost the liquidity of professionals. We thought that, if there was such a market, we could ultimately change society by smoothly assigning strong-willed professionals to suitable corporations in need, speedily transforming them, and creating new values.

We at Shakes Careers are committed to creating an "executive market" by building a network while keeping in close contact with strong-willed executives and candidates.


Our mission is to vitalize Uganda from its roots by creating a market of strong-willed professionals.


We want to create a true executive market by assisting the maximization and improvement of liquidity of human resource value.



We want to give Uganda a new strength by creating a positive cycle in which strong-willed, inspirational Professionals change corporations and organizations, create new values, bring impact to society and the economy, and open new opportunities for the next generation of Professionals.


  • We are committed to the maximization of individual values by respecting each individual's perspective and providing the best opportunities without being bound by fixed ideas.

  • We promote corporate growth and reforms by assisting corporations and management in solving management issues and accomplishing their targets through the introduction of suitable personnel.

  • We respect individual capacity and make improvements through inter-organizational cooperation, and we are a group of high level professionals who continue to pursue further growth.

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