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CANADA: Nannies and Caregivers Required:


Posted On 06/03/2024

Job Information
Industry :  Health Care

Work Experience:   1-3 years

Salary : 8-17 Canadian Dollars per hour depending on the province you are placed.

City :     Vancouver (North Hastings-Sunrise)

Province : British Columbia

Postal Code : V5K

CANADA:  Nannies and Caregivers Required:

REF: 1389

Location: All over Canada

Job Description:


To provide complete care for the children in the family's home and perform all tasks that correlate to the care of the children. To create a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment in which the children can thrive and develop.


As a live-in career, you’ll provide personal care, help with household chores and getting out and about. Above all else, you’ll provide companionship and emotional support – even just a chat over a cup of tea and sharing moments watching their favourite TV show – while you’re living with them.

-IELTS or CELPIP minimum score 5
-One-year post-secondary or equivalent which, for example, in the Philippines is at least three years of college or university. 
-You are required to obtain an Education Credential Assessment (done through the five organisation, assistance available).
-Experience as a nanny or caregiver in a western country.
-Nanny/Caregiver training is a bonus.
-Admissible to Canada: so healthy, no criminal record, etc.
-Nationality:  Any.

Hours: 25-44 hours per week depending on the family needs.

Length of contract: Usually 6-12 months.

Package Offered:  Meals, a private room however the families are allowed to charge for room and board which would come out of your salary.
Salary Per Month:  8-17 Canadian Dollars per hour depending on the province you are placed.

Interview Notes: Online interviews available.

Other Information:
As this is a full Immigration program, candidates are required to cover the cost of the immigration service which includes work permit.   
The Canadian government announced a new foreign Caregiver program in June 2019 where caregivers/nannies are pre-approved for PR (Permanent Residence status) before the work permit is approved, which is a very attractive program for many candidates.
Fee's:  -Assessment Fee CAN $500 -Programme Fee:  CAN $630
-Work permit application:  between CAD $6000-7500 paid to a Canadian Licensed Immigration Consultant who will represent you with Immigration Canada.

Although the costs may seem high, don't forget that this includes your pre-approved residency permit.  The cost is comparatively lower to what candidates paid prior to June 2019 to immigrate to Canada.

When the fee's need to be paid:  The assessment fee and programme fee are required to be paid to get the process started. The Permanent residence and work permit application fee is split into 50/50. When the job offer is signed by the employer and before submitting the full application to Immigration Canada.

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