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Recruitment and Outsourcing
Recruitment and Outsourcing
Recruitment and Outsourcing





The right job calls for the right man or woman. And nobody’s more committed to finding the best talents for your organisation than Shakes Careers. Using our unique recruitment methodology, our consultants are imbued with in-depth knowledge of the scope and niche you’re looking to fill.

Our extensive network of contacts across diverse industries makes us an effective, efficient, and trusted recruitment consultant partner who knows where the best talents are and how to get them.



Whether it’s an urgent need for talent, or a hassle-free fix to a payroll crunch, you’ll get the best answers out of us. We start by being good listeners to your challenges, objectives, and preferences so that  we may tailor our contract recruitment solutions to your specific needs, either on daily, monthly or quarterly basis.

Our service suite covers everything in contract HR administration: from time sheet and personnel management to liaison with government statutory boards and payroll calculation respectively. All delivered on time. So you focus less on staffing issues, and more on the things that matter. Like your business.

We Invest in Our People

​​All our recruits undergo a 1- 2 weeks training programme (It’s like boot camp, but with better meals.) and refreshers on the latest industry developments. So you get professionals who are unmatched specialists in their fields.

Less Greed, More Attention

We place a cap on the job orders we accept, so we provide consistent and sufficient attention for each and every one of our clients and candidates. Because one pristine, healthy account is more important to us than 10 poorly managed ones.

We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships

  • Contract-to-Hire  

  • Long-term & Short-term Projects 

  • Direct Placement

Automatic Pool of Candidates

Each month, an average of 6,000 new resumes are deposited into our database. That’s 72,000 annually. 

State-of-the-art Applicant Tracking System

Our sophisticated tracking system traces every minute detail of a candidate’s profile, and allocates him or her to a specific, relevant opening. Fast, efficient, and accurate. It’s the stuff of science fiction. 

For Domestic Workers, Cleaners, Professionals like Nurses, Teachers, Drivers, Security Guards, Life Savers and Customer Services Agents Chat with us NOW


Great thanks to SHAKES CAREERS for a great job in recruitment and outsourcing, possibly your the best agency ever supplied us with reliable, convenient and professional workforce.

Clients Testimonial 

We are delighted working with you SHAKES CAREERS, been disappointed by many companies in Uganda supplying us with disappointing workforce, but since we started working with you  we have some good times with our clients, your such a blessing to us, may you get more clients and we shall recommend you many as well.

Family House Agency.

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