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Why Shakes Careers

Since our inception, Shakes Careers has been totally focused on building a strategic and quality search practice.  
At shakes Careers, we believe that people are the best asset in any company, regardless of the business size, industry and market share. We provide the best professionals, backed with solid years of expertise, experience and knowledge, who can integrate solutions for your clients needs. In addition, we also provide experienced workers for non professional jobs such as cleaners and housemaids.

We assure you that we can provide the best match for your staffing requirements. To know more of what we can offer, you may get in touch with our team using the contact details indicated below.
Our core competences lay dominantly in the provision of outsourcing services in quality work force, labour force and human resource recruitment and advisory. We are the leaders in strategic labour outsourcing from East & Central Africa to sectors of expertise are professional services, financial services markets, technology and outsourcing.
We are a leading manpower supplying agency to several recruiting companies in GCC Countries ie; (UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc), African Countries ie; Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, South Africa, etc) and some European Countries; IE; Canada, Cambodia, Serbia, Australia, Moldova, etc.

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