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Benefits of Working in Turkey:
-You are well-paid. The minimum salary from our company is 450 USD and more.
-You will have accommodation, food, Medical Insurance and Transport.
-Great working conditions. You will work at up-to-date venues with modern equipment and a good schedule.
-The opportunity to make a residence.
How long does it take?:
The procedure of preparing documents takes 1-3 months. 

Your work permit will be valid for 1 year.
Opportunities in Poland After 1 year:
After receiving your visa and coming to Turkey, you will receive a temporary residence card.
Please note that we obtain various permits.



Fee Details:


-Cost for the service: 2,250 USD, paid in 2 instalments.


-When the payment needs to be paid:  

1st Payment:  1,100 USD  To be paid when you are ready to start the process.

2nd Payment: 1,150 USD On receipt of national visa  from the embassy.


-The fee is comprised of:  All government fees from our side, express service fee, insurance, lawyer fees,  airport pick up to the hotel, Turkish sim card, hotel pick up to and train fair to place of employment.


-Please note:  Payment terms are non negotiable.

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