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Live and Work in an EU Country!

Here at Shakes Careers, we have joined forces with an EU company in Poland to offer work permits plus non skilled jobs to non-EU nationals!


Should you be interested in the services offered, please complete the quick form at the bottom:



Why Poland?:
In 2017 more than 15,000 Indian nationals lived in Poland. And, in 2018 Poland received 30,000 applications for temporary work permits.


Last year the number of workers from South Asia increased 2/3 times.

The Polish labour market needs qualified and responsible workers that are motivated and that can speak English well.
What's Next?:
If you dream about living in a European country the first thing that you need to do is find work and arrange a working visa.  

From 2018, candidates that arrived in Poland with a tourist visa and applied for a temporary residence permit were rejected. To be granted the TRP by the government, you must arrive in a legal way with a working visa (national visa D).
A work permit is required because:
-You can work legally. Poland has very strict laws, it is very dangerous to work illegally.
-You are well-paid. The minimum salary from our company is 12 PLN per hour. This way, you will earn 700 EUR and more.
-You will have accommodation in comfortable hostels for a minimum price of 50 Euro per month.
-Great working conditions. You will work at up-to-date venues with modern equipment and a good schedule.
-The opportunity to make a residence.

How long does it take?:
The procedure of preparing documents takes 3-5 months. 

Your work permit will be valid for 1 year.
Opportunities in Poland After 1 year:
After receiving your visa and coming to Poland, you will receive a temporary residence card.
Please note that we obtain various permits.



Fee Details:


-Cost for the service: 3,000 Euro, paid in 3 instalments.


-When the payment needs to be paid:  

  1st Payment:  1,500 Euro.  To be paid when you are ready to start the process.

  2nd Payment:  When the documents are ready to be sent to you.

  3rd Payment:  On receipt of national visa D from the embassy.


-The fee is comprised of:  All government fees from our side, express service fee,  insurance, lawyer fees, DHL courier fees for the work permit and documents, airport pick up to the hotel, Polish sim card, hotel pick up to and train fair to place of employment, 500 Euro holding fee to the employer, and of course time and effort.


-Please note:  Payment terms are non negotiable.

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