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                                                    POLANDA: CONSTRUCTION WORKERS and CLEANERS:
                                                          FULL TIME | SHAKES CAREERS LTD | POLAND
                                                                   DATE POSTED: 06/11/2024



For the CONSTRUCTION positions we have currently, we are hiring candidates from inside AND outside of Europe. If you are already in Europe, you will only need a valid visa or a TRC card, and to meet our job requirements.
If you live outside of Europe and meet the job requirements, we will apply for your work permit for you (fees apply).

Job Details:

Location of positions: Rybnik, Poland-Position's available: Welders / locksmiths / bricklayers / general workers / construction helpers.

Requirements: Serious workers who are hardworking and punctual. We are recruiting experienced and less experienced construction workers for experienced and general worker/construction helper positions.

Nationality of staff required: Any. 

Language required: English. Polish / Russian is a bonus.

Hours per day/week: 8 to 10 hours a day, 5 days per week. Overtime available.

Start Date:

10 days from your arrival in Poland. -Arrival Notes: We will collect you from the airport and take you to the staff hostel. During the first week, we open a bank account for you in Poland for your salary to be paid into.

Length of Contract:

As per the work permit, 3 years.-Salary per month: 4800 Zloty - 5200 zloty.-Accommodation: Free of charge.
How to work in Poland as a NON EUROPEAN candidate living OUTSIDE of Poland:
From 2018, people who came to Poland with a tourist visa and applied for temporary residence permits have been rejected. To stay in Poland legally and without any issues, you must come with a working visa.
A work permit is required because: you can work legally. Poland has very strict laws, it is very dangerous to work illegally. You are well-paid. you will work at up-to-date sites, with modern equipment, and a good work schedule. The opportunity to make a permanent residence.

How long does it take?:
The procedure of preparing documents takes 2 to 3 months. Firstly our partner agency in Poland prepares individual packets of documents and then sends a request to the Polish government for a work permit for you. After this has been received, you will have permission to work and live in Poland.

Please note that it is not only one document that you need to obtain the visa. Also, you will require an accommodation letter, a guarantee letter and your working contract, which our partner agency in Poland will prepare for you. Once you have received all of the above, you make an appointment with your local Polish embassy, take along all that we have sent, have a meeting with an embassy official, and finally collect your work visa.

Opportunities in Poland After 3 years:
After receiving your visa and coming to Poland, it is valid for 3 years. Once this is running out, you can apply for a temporary residence card from Poland.

Cost for the service (if you are a
NON EUROPEAN CANDIDATE): 3200.00 USD only, split into 2 payments. -The first payment of 1500 USD is paid to begin the process. -The second payment of 1700 USD is paid upon receiving the work permit.

If you would like to apply, please proceed by answering the following questions in this exact format:

  1. Nationality:

  2. Position applying for:

  3. Experience in this position:

  4. Location Currently:

  5. Photo page of passport (high resolution copy):

  6. CV in WORD format:


  • Do you understand that you need to pay the first fee of 1500.00 USD to begin the process, and the second fee of 1700 USD once you have received your work permit documents?

  • There is no negotiation on the fees: Are you ready to begin should the company consider you successful for the job role?:




Positions available:

  1. Cleaners 

  2. Warehouse Workers

The cost of the service is the same as the construction positions, 3200.00 USD only, split into 2 payments. -The first payment of 1500.00 USD is paid to begin the process. -The second payment of 1700.00 USD is paid when the work permit is ready to be sent to the candidate from Poland.

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